BG Communications International Inc. was the brainchild of Maryse Benhoff and Linda Gauthier, two young entrepreneurs who trained in the corporate world before launching their company.

After incorporating in September 1994 and studying the market extensively, they set out to fill a niche that had always existed and been exploited to a certain degree, but never in a really structured fashion. To bring the strength of a solid structure to an area served mostly by soloists and small teams, they drew on their own corporate experience to harness the power of the group without losing the quality that stems from personal attention.


You would be hard pressed not to notice the effects of globalization and the extent of the export phenomenon on business activities and life in general. Forecasting that the trend for global trade would not taper off any time soon, it stood to reason that the need for multi-lingual services of the highest quality with guarantees attached, should increase exponentially. They were right.

That niche has since then turned into a full-fledged industry. Doubling their sales figures every year, finding an increasing number of qualified linguists, thus increasing their language menu, so to speak, BG Communications International now houses 150 languages and a database of 900 language professionals. Obviously or not, not everyone speaking another language gets anointed into BG's ranks. Being able to say "goodbye", "hello" and "I love you" in five languages doesn't cut it... Interviews are held, references are checked, tests are done and reviewed, in other words, everything is done to ensure the quality of the candidate's prose and linguistic abilities.


The owners have one purpose in mind: satisfying the needs of their clients, whether it's translation, proofreading, interpretation or simply cultural advice that's required, they are there to make sure his or her foray into a chosen foreign market is a successful endeavour. Acting in partnership with their clients, they offer superior products that enhance their client's marketability and provide one-stop shopping by their varied language menu, as well as by the extent of their services.


Along with the quality intense mandate they gave themselves, they also realized that the industry was long overdue for innovation to arrive.


They set about creating a buzz about translation by creating BG Babel Bursaries.

The intention was to stimulate interest in the field of translation at the collegial level and to encourage those underway at the university level.

The bursaries are in the amount of $500 at the collegial level and $1500 at the university level.


Consumer Choice Award


Confirmation of the award for a 2nd year.


Confirmation of the award for a 3rd year.


Confirmation of the award for a 4th year.


Confirmation of the award for a 5th year.

March 1, 2006 BG opened its Moroccan office.

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