Obviously, working with such a large number of languages implies a solid system of checks and balances to ensure quality and faithfulness to the original text. To that end, each and every document entrusted to us is translated by a proven, qualified professional and then revised by another linguist of the highest caliber.


Whether a simultaneous, consecutive or whispered setting is called for, we provide extremely talented and experienced interpreters across North America and Europe. Furthermore, we can pass on economies of scale to our clients when negotiating with interpretation equipment providers.


Localization is the ultimate in marrying language, culture and technology. This expertise comes from the many years of providing clients with services that exceed mere traditional translation. The science of accurately extracting and then reintegrating language into tools such as softwares, intranets, web sites, on-line helps and so on, can only be accomplished by those who know the science and love languages.


You will not be left floating in the breeze once the translation is done. Our foreign typesetting experts and graphic artists will make sure your document is perfect before it goes to press. Typesetting rules vary and complexities arise in foreign languages; we are well versed in these matters and will provide you with a final product that you will be as sure of as if it were written in your own language.


Initiating trade activities with foreign clients, distributors or suppliers is an experience in itself without adding an unknown factor into the equation; cultural usage and habits. We can help you get a better grasp and understanding of the underlying currents at work, what's considered polite... or not, and how to maintain the image you want. These subtle factors will play a part in your business relationship in any event, you may as well let them play to your advantage. Play the game according to the country's rules, once you know what they are!


Choosing a trade name for your product is part science, part chance, part marketing genius. We can make sure the name chosen doesn't hold any negative connotations or foster any negative free mental associations in the specific foreign country(ies) you are targeting.


Opening up new markets is exciting, but being able to function on your own to a certain degree in a foreign language holds much appeal for executives. Lessons are customized to your needs and provided in the convenience of your own offices.


Culture-related items, such as children's stories or novels may require a rewrite rather than a straight translation in order to create the same effect as the original. Rather than transpose the "text", we will render the concept and the intent.


We have the technical expertise to design your Web site, from the overall design to FTP transfer; as well as the linguistic support to ensure the accuracy of your message in all the languages you need.


You're going to press and want to make sure that your document is completely error-free? We can look over final proofs to help eliminate any typographical, grammatical or typing errors... whatever the language.

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