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#BLM Statement

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

STATEMENT On behalf of myself, my family and my staff, I want to publicly state that BG Communications International stands wholeheartedly with the BLACKLIVESMATTER movement.

Today, I, Maryse Benhoff, President of BG Communications International, am taking a stand. I am using my voice, my white privilege, my professional reputation and my access to a space that many people of color may not have, to call for equal action from every single person I know.

Under no circumstances should racism of any kind be tolerated. We must speak out and educate against it, raise our children to recognize and prevent it, and safeguard our communities against it. No elected official, educator, religious leader or figure of authority should condone racism in our midst. Systemic injustice and institutionalized racism must not be ignored, normalized or tolerated.

I am putting this in writing so that there can be no misunderstanding. No form of discrimination, racism or hate will ever be tolerated at BG Communications or within its supply chain. As language service providers, we work with thousands of suppliers from around the world to bridge the gap between countries and cultures on a daily basis. The talented members of our team come from every corner of the world and as such we foster a culture of acceptance and appreciation within our walls, which is reflected in everything we do.

The beauty of our team and our work is that we do not discriminate. We embrace difference, we revel in it. We use our words to cross borders and bring people together. Our message is one of unity. For our team members, their children, and our communities, we stand strong against racism and discrimination of all kinds.

At such a crucial point in modern history, silence is deafening, and we will not keep quiet.

If we offend anyone with this statement, well, that's just the way it will have to be. Eliminating racism means sticking your neck out and stating your position for all racists to see and hear.


Maryse Benhoff


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