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Your success starts with us.

For professional translation services,

call the experts.

We will not waste your time.

Instead, we will impress you with our impeccable customer-centric approach and high-quality translation product. We have no shareholders, so we work for our clients.



Message from the President of
BG Communications International


THANK YOU - for your time and interest in reading what I have to say about BG.


This company has seen globalization start and happen, the internet grow from an idea to transforming our lives and businesses, paradigm shifts in work environments, technological changes in every walk of life, both yours and ours, societal changes and the list goes on. 1994 to today has had quite a learning curve!


We have grown and adapted from an idea to a full-fledged translation company to a major player in the world of translation. We have learned to harness technology to better deliver your words. This holds truth especially today, when the world is affected by a global pandemic.


My wish for this company is to see it continue to grow by thoughtfully responding to the world’s needs and adapting to the future of clients’ needs.


So far, we’ve responded the right way—or so we’ve been told—and frankly, the charm of getting it right never gets old. Our raison d’être is and has always been to serve our clients.


I would invite anyone who is looking for a company to help them manage their translation or any other language needs, to come and visit us or give us a try to discover how good things really can get. I promise, you will not be disappointed.



Maryse M. Benhoff


Our philosophy

At BG Communications, we see every customer interaction as an opportunity to build something better.

We understand "white glove" service and are dedicated to bringing it to this industry by championing the interests of our clients and helping them bridge the linguistic, cultural, and technological obstacles they face.

We nurture our relationships with our clients with exceptional care and attention. We are eager to form long-lasting partnerships that go beyond the successful delivery of a current project or rush translation.

Become our client and let us impress you.

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