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BG Hospitality -

Knowledge and understanding

For the hotels, travel agencies, cruise operators and hospitality supplier companies that aim for global expansion, BG is the bridge that connects them to their multicultural, multilingual guests. We take care of your messaging so you can get back your business: providing the high-quality customer service your guests appreciate about your brand.

Let our extensive hospitality industry terminological research give your promotional materials and user-friendly email campaigns that smooth and culturally correct language style which your customers expect from prestigious hotels and travel agencies.

Hospitality businesses need a translation partner that will reliably transfer all cultural differences and types of linguistic nuances found within the source and target language for successful brand recognition and expansion. The hospitality industry will always need strategies to balance good customer service with high-quality service, and the need intensifies when multicultural aspects are involved, and BG is here to make that happen.

Types of hospitality documents we translate 

Conference room rental agreements
Travel insurance policies
Hotels' social media campaigns
Promotional brochures
Promotional pricing email campaigns
Room pricing campaigns
Franchise agreements
Hotel websites
Hotel communications
Group stay agreements
Multilingual marketing campaigns

and many more...



Do you need a translation urgently? Call us right away at +1 514 376 7919 or

+1 800 870 7919

and let our efficient project managers help you. 

Translation advice

Get in touch with us today and let us know your translation needs. We will advise you on the best possible manner to implement your translation project.

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