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Finance translation requires precision, speed and accuracy. Financial documents enable crucial decisions to be made within an organization. They are also documents of great importance for its growth and internationalization, which is why translation is not only a service but a vital tool for operation. 

For banks, insurance firms, and other financial institutions seeking to increase access to services, financial translation is essential. It strengthens consumer trust and helps comply with international laws and guidelines While English is still the internationally known business language and many global finance entities conduct operations in English, financial translation is more relevant than ever before.

Financial translation for insurance, investment, and banking is essential for several reasons. One of them is because the financial principles and language vary from place to place. Thus, it requires a specialist to do the same. If we talk about numbers, format, and words, some countries often have specific instructions for financial documents. Mistakes in financial translation are expensive and impossible to overlook, therefore we advise all clients to select a professional and specialized provider to whom they would entrust their documents for translation.  

BG Finance - Precision and efficiency

Types of financial documents we translate 

Annual reports & statements

Auditor’s reports

Balance sheets, other financial statements

International Financial Reporting Standards 

Foreign exchange, bonds, commodities

Reports on securities

Tax reports

Regulatory documents

Business plans

Public and private offerings

Cash flow statements
Benefits statements
Retirement plans
Insurance application forms
Fund performance and facts
Income statements

and many more...



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Translation advice

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