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Life sciences translation - 

Experience and accuracy

We are one of the leading providers of specialized medical translation services: we work with top pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations (CROs), regulatory bodies and biotechnology firms. Our qualified linguists have in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework pertaining to the various fields in which they are specialized.

Accurately translated medical information is imperative to a patient’s health. We understand the nature of medical documents, and our specialized medical translators, interpreters, and revisers have vast experience in this field.


They have mastered medical and pharmaceutical terminology and can swiftly provide a precise translation of your source documents, including patient forms, clinical trials documentation, and explanatory remarks.

We have also already provided translations in the developing field of medical cannabis and are the preferred translation partner of several medical cannabis depositories.

Types of documents we translate 

Informed consents  
Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletins
Patient information leaflets
Laboratory documentation
Informative brochures for patients
Research & development studies
Market surveys
Case report forms (CRFs)
Product monographs 
Clinical protocols
CME training documents
Patient reported outcomes (PROs)
Pharmaceutical product instructions
Packaging and labelling instructions
Summary of product characteristics (SmPC)
Brochures for healthcare professionals

and many more...



Do you need a translation urgently? Call us right away at +1 514 376 7919 or

+1 800 870 7919

and let our efficient project managers help you. 

Translation advice

Get in touch with us today and let us know your translation needs. We will advise you on the best possible manner to implement your translation project.

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