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Professional linguistic services

BG Communications International Inc. is a renowned Montreal-based translation firm that has been providing professional linguistic services for 30 years. We are focused on delivering world-class service and an outstanding customer experience to help our clients secure the understanding they need to grow and prosper on the international market with various language audiences. Our services include translation, interpreting, revision, proofreading, linguistic adaptation, transcreation, multilingual websites, content creation, social media management, language courses, and overall linguistic support.


We provide high-quality professional translations thanks to our seasoned translators working in 200 languages.


Our trained interpreters can assist you with remote, simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, relay, and liaison interpreting.


Whatever the language, our revisors will catch all typographical and grammatical errors in your texts.

Linguistic advice

From verification of trademark names to multilingual websites and transcreation projects, we can help. 

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What we offer




Our global network contains hundreds of specialized translators in various fields. It is thanks to our translation methodology and certified processes that we succeed in delivering consistently clear, accurate translation of high-value information. With almost twenty-five years of life sciences translation experience, BG Communications International can handle large or small projects, on time and on budget. We take all actions necessary to deliver quality translations. The technology that we use—CAT tools, translation memory and term-bases—helps us achieve greater consistency, lower costs, and faster turnarounds.




Interpreting involves far more than speaking two languages fluently. The interpreter must also communicate the style and tone of the speaker while taking into account differences in culture, dialect, and setting. The listeners should hear the interpreted message as if it had been originally spoken in their own language. Interpreters, often confused with translators, work with the spoken word, converting speech from a source language into a target language. BG Communications International can advise you on the optimal type of interpreting required for your event, whether simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, sign language, or liaison. 





When our translators have completed the translation of your document, a stringent process of revision follows. Revision refers to the bilingual examination of target language content against source language content for its suitability for the agreed purpose while making sure that it is in line with the language register, i.e. the variety of language used for a particular purpose or in a particular social or industrial domain.





Whether you need your website translated into a handful of languages or are defining your trade mark name for the international market, BG Communications is here to help. Our services include, but are not limited to, adaptation and transcreation, language evaluation of job candidates, social media support and multilingual posts, content creation, private language courses, and organizing events abroad in line with the host country’s cultural norms.


When it comes to specialized translation services, our vast experience and expertise enables us to deliver highly technical translations in various industries. Our areas of specialization range from very general translations to legal, financial, medical, technical, and environmental translations as well as communications and marketing transcreation projects.


Contact us for all your translation needs in the medical and pharmaceutical field. We also specialize in medical cannabis translations.


We have several financial translators on our team to translate your investment funds, securities and IPO documents in a breeze.


Our forte is all things legal, including contracts, landmark judgments and verdicts, mergers and acquisitions, and criminal proceedings.

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Aviation and aerospace

Headquartered in the world capital of civil aviation, we cater to the translation needs of leading aviation businesses and organizations.



We provide the energy industry with high-quality professional translations on topics such as energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, wind energy.


Websites and Marketing

When it comes to website and marketing translations, conveying the key message the business wants to communicate is key. Contact us to get the job done.


Client testimonials


Senior Director

In technical fields such as ours where translations are often highly specialized and difficult, we truly appreciate your constant communication, relevant suggestions, and fast, professional service.


Project Lead

BG Communications is a rare gem in the translation industry. The accuracy of the work, which had to be precise, was exceptional. We made a great decision to select them as our language services partner.


Marketing Manager

We have nothing but the highest praise for their professionalism and excellent caliber of work. Our requests are consistently met with a pleasant and positive attitude. Maryse and her team are truly world class!


Manager Design & construction

The translation of construction-specific terminology was done accurately and with the utmost attention to detail. It is our pleasure to recommend BG Communications International Inc. for technical translation services.


President - CEO

Consulting Company

The last marketing company had their own translation arrangement but, I like you, and I Iike the quality of your work, as well as the excellent service your company provides. I know I can count on you.

Many thanks.


New Client

Thank you very much for your quick response.


Your customer service is very impressive.


Thanks again.

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