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Revision, review, proofreading


When our translators have completed the translation of your document, a stringent process of revision follows. Revision refers to the bilingual examination of target language content against source language content for its suitability for the agreed purpose while making sure that it is in line with the language register, i.e. the variety of language used for a particular purpose or in a particular social or industrial domain.


There are also the separate processes of review and proofreading which are to be distinguished from revision.


A review is the monolingual examination of target language content for its suitability for the agreed purpose.


Proofreading means examining the revised target language content and applying corrections before printing according to the client’s style guide (set of editing and formatting instructions).


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Have you always had a burning linguistic question whose answer you could not find? Ask us! Our linguists would love to try and resolve the mystery.  

Linguistic advice

Other linguistics services

Multilingual websites

Our technical expertise is at your service to help you create and develop your website. From the design stage to final publishing, we ensure that your content and message are conveyed impeccably—in as many languages as you wish.

Trademark names

Selecting an effective and impactful brand name can pose a real challenge. The linguistic aspect is one consideration that must not be overlooked. We can assist you in the process of selecting a successful brand name adapted to your target markets as well as help you avoid any inadvertently negative or pejorative connotations within your market’s countries and cultures.

Social media management

One of our auxiliary services is managing various social media channels, preparing multilingual posts and generating an increase in followers thanks to our savvy social media specialists.

Events abroad

Doing business abroad frequently involves having to adapt on a variety of levels while being mindful of business, legal, and cultural norms. Cultural sensitivity can be a determining factor in the success of your projects in foreign markets. Let us help ensure your success.

Adaptation and transcreation

Certain texts present their own specific difficulties for translation, whether these be cultural or institutional differences, linguistic hurdles such as wordplay, or constraints on the space allotted for the message. From advertisement to short story, from novel to news release, we adapt your text to imbue it with local colour or to fulfill a specific literacy function.

Language evaluation

If you are looking to hire bilingual candidates with the certainty that their capabilities meet with your requirements, we offer the service to have them evaluated by an independent and objective linguist. We have devised tests to quickly determine a candidate’s language skills. 

Content creation

If you are looking to develop content in more than one language, we can help you present your story for the digital world and adapt it to your end-user/audience in specific contexts.

Language courses

Developing new markets abroad is a fascinating enterprise. In these new environments, having the ability to carry on your own conversations, from the very basic to the most sophisticated, is a considerable asset. You are the one who decides what to learn based exclusively on your needs—all in the comfort of your own office.

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