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When it comes to specialized translation services, our vast experience and expertise enables us to deliver highly technical translations in various industries. Our areas of specialization range from very general translations to legal, financial, medical, technical, and environmental translations as well as communications and marketing transcreation projects.


Contact us for all your translation needs in the medical and pharmaceutical field. We also specialize in medical cannabis translations.


We have several financial translators on our team to translate your investment funds, securities and IPO documents in a breeze.


Our forte is all things legal, including contracts, landmark judgments and verdicts, mergers and acquisitions, and criminal proceedings.

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Aviation and aerospace

Headquartered in the world capital of civil aviation, we cater to the translation needs of leading aviation businesses and organizations.



We provide the energy industry with high-quality professional translations on topics such as energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, wind energy.


Websites and Marketing

When it comes to website and marketing translations, conveying the key message the business wants to communicate is key. Contact us to get the job done.


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