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BG Communications celebrates its 27th anniversary

Montreal, September 21, 2021 - Today, it is with immense joy and pride that we celebrate BG’s 27th anniversary. Since our company’s inception, our path has been full of learning and growth opportunities that we have seized at every turn. We have seen the field of translation and communications transform thanks to innovations in technology and tools that have now become part of our daily life. We witnessed the world change at an exponential rate, with markets becoming global and information circulating more easily, as language service providers became key actors in international communication. Our processes have become increasingly dynamic, and we have adapted to new media and the incredible speed at which information is now produced and disseminated in order to take on today’s challenges and meet our clients’ changing needs.

In 1994, we created our company with the goal of bringing together a multilingual audience from multiple cultures by offering them superior quality linguistic services. Today, after nearly thirty years of hard work and dedication, we are proud of the highly tailored quality solutions we offer our customers. The path that has allowed us to grow and to adapt to the language sector is built on our company’s values. Diversity, BG’s main pillar, has allowed us to create the ideal environment for us to blossom, both culturally and linguistically, and thus fulfill our mission toward our clients while demonstrating the flexibility, adaptability and reactivity that our industry demands.

Our company is the product of the collaborative work of talented individuals who put their knowledge and passion into serving society. Today, we thank not only our team for their efforts and their dedication, but also our customers, our suppliers, our allies, and the other organizations that accompanied us during BG’s founding and evolution. Thanks to your support, we can accomplish our mission to create a bring together audiences from different cultures, on a global scale, by partnering with them to meet their translation and interpreting needs in over 200 languages.

Going forward, we will continue to make every effort to bring these audiences together.

Maryse Benhoff


BG Communications International Inc.


About BG Communications International Inc.

BG Communications International Inc. is a renowned Montréal-based translation firm that has been providing professional linguistic services for over 25 years. We are focused on delivering world-class service and an outstanding customer experience to help our clients prosper on the international market with various language audiences. Our services include translation, interpreting, desktop publishing, proofreading, linguistic adaptation, transcreation, localization of multilingual websites, content creation, social media management, language courses and overall linguistic support.

For more information:

+1 514 376 7919 | +1 800 870 7919

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