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Transcreation: what matters most is intent

Every day, we are bombarded by hundreds of messages from dozens of companies all vying for our attention. These companies rely on a wide variety of advertising materials, including texts, images and audio content, to trigger a specific response in consumers (such as purchasing a product or service) or simply to prominently display their brands so that they remain in the forefront of our minds.

Behind these companies’ cleverly crafted outreach strategies is an army of communications specialists, advertising professionals and design experts tasked with producing highly creative and engaging content. This complex creative process produces advertising materials designed to target a wide range of audiences with distinct demographic features, including different genders, tastes, interests, and—of major import—different languages. This is where language professionals play a crucial role by creating the vehicle used to convey a message to a specific group that distinguishes itself by its language. This transformational process is aptly called transcreation.